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[Distance from Isla Empieza]: Two weeks, ten days with a strong wind.

[Terrain]: Primarily desert, with small pockets of forest inland. Very little vegetation, nor fruit, but you wouldn't want to eat what you find anyway. The beaches are pristine, with white sand and crystal clear water. There's no waves, and the tides are almost nonexistent.

[Weather]: Suspiciously cold for an island so far south. It rarely rains, but when it does, it produces a thick fog about waist-height. There's little wind, as well. Honestly, if you don't mind the slight chill, the island has rather nice beach weather.

[Is the island inhabited?]: No.

[If so, what is the culture like here?]: N/A.

[Island peculiarities]: Everything on the island is dead. The plant life is made of fossil-like stone. The grass is like stepping on spikes, climbing trees is like scaling a rocky cliff. The fruit will break your teeth. If crushed, the plants produce a black powder that irritates the senses. In large doses, it can cause hyperventilation and increased heart rate. Too much of the stuff and you'll itch your skin off, you'll go blind, and your throat will close up. I'm sure someone out there uses this stuff as an aphrodisiac, but I wouldn't recommend it.

The animals skulk the forests as hulking, animated skeletons. The only indication of their life is the glowing green orbs of ghostly energy inside their old eye sockets. Or are they old? There's no way to tell if these things were ever actually alive. Or, alive as we know it, with skin and such. You know what I mean. Surprisingly, the skeleton beasts are quite friendly towards each other, or at least they're not trying to kill at eat each other. Probably has something to do with the fact that none of them have meat on them. Either way, they don't share this kindness towards the humans that might visit the island. They grow bolder at night, venturing out towards the beaches. They'll attack on sight, and Davy Jones only knows what'll happen to you if you're caught.